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To apply a broad range of skills in realizing innovative multimedia productions and applications for the Web, Wireless, and other New Media formats and platforms.
With a rich history of bringing innovative multi-disciplinary projects from concept to execution, Salvatore Orlando has amassed quite a broad range of skills and experience, not the least of which is a relentless determination to 'think outside the box' to solve seemingly 'unsolvable' problems while keeping an eye squarely on the ultimate end-user experience. Salvatore was named one of the Top 100 Producers of 1997 by AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine.
Highlighted Projects
Motomixer Animation
Motorola MotoMIXER
Architect, Technical Director, and Lead Developer of the Motorola MotoMIXER, with Tribal Brands. The MotoMIXER is a FlashMX-based Rich Internet Application that enables users to remix songs and create their own polyphonic ringtones, which can be purchased online and sent directly to the user's handset. This wide-ranging project is a first of its kind and is being deployed in various permutations internationally as part of a worldwide marketing campaign.

NEW! See the MotoMIXER in action! (Macromedia Flash 6 Required)
→ North America MotoMIXER featuring songs from three popular DJs.
→ MOTOMIXER EMEA featuring unbranded content and two free ringtones for users in Europe.

eMix Animation
Mixman eMix
Inventor, Architect, and Developer of the Mixman eMix (a.k.a. Beatnik GrooveGram), a highly successful Web Application for online music promotion, experienced by over 7 million users worldwide. The Mixman eMix has been featured on numerous high-profile Web sites including,, and and has been used to promote such diverse artists as Britney Spears, Moby, Lucy Pearl, N'Sync, David Bowie, Kid Rock, Nine Inch Nails and countless others. The Mixman eMix was the first and only Web Application to allow users to remix and save songs online in a secure and bandwidth-friendly digital format, and encouraged 'viral marketing' by enabling fans to share their remixes with others via email.

In realizing this ambitious project Salvatore drew upon a multitude of skills such as a deep knowledge of both Music Composition and Production, highly advanced JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, and Browser Compatibility expertise, as well as the ability to coordinate and manage a team including designers, database engineers, and musicians. Additionally, the project was conceived and executed in such a way as to be completely customizable and extensible via templates and a fully featured Application Programming Interface (API), for which Salvatore also wrote the extensive documentation.
Beatnik GrooveTub
Produced, designed, and coded the Beatnik GrooveTub. Initially created for Sun Microsystems to demonstrate JavaSound at the 1998 JavaOne conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Later adapted for the web using JavaScript 1.2, DHTML, and Beatnik technologies. The GrooveTub offered an immersive environment where users could strum, blow, and pluck various virtual musical instruments, building interesting textures and grooves while learning about music.
Netscape Redesign
Salvatore was enlisted to create the backend code for the redesign of the Netscape Web site, at a time when this was the most-visited site on the internet. This redesign utilized all the latest features of the newly-released Netscape Communicator 4.0 browser such as Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and advanced JavaScript, and Salvatore became one of the foremost experts in these new technologies. Just prior to the release of this site Salvatore also created the backend for the Netscape 1996 Online Annual Report, which was the very first site on the Web to use JavaScript and Dynamic HTML to create a rich immersive experience through the use of clever animations and visual effects.
The Groovolator
Produced, designed, and coded The Groovolator, the first online musical synthesizer. Created project from concept to execution including advanced JavaScript programming, innovative interface design, custom graphics, and original music composition/sound design. This site was named finalist in the 1997 NewMedia INVISION Awards.
First to combine Macromedia Flash and Headspace Beatnik technologies by creating a complete synchronized soundtrack and accompanying Web site for an online children's cartoon called Snoovler. Utilizing streaming and low-bandwidth technologies, a very rich and immersive interactive experience was created for the user, while minimizing download time. This site was also named a finalist in the 1997 New Media INVISION Awards.
2001-Present: Technical Director, Tribal Brands.
1995-Present: Independent Consultant.
1998-2001: Senior Multimedia Developer, Beatnik, Inc.
1996-1998: Multimedia Developer Spotted Antelope, Inc.
Salvatore has a wide-ranging set of skills including code development, music composition, sound design/audio engineering, graphics production, video and animation, technical writing, and project management. Specific applications and technologies include but are not limited to: JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, Macromedia Flash, Digital Performer, Adobe Photoshop, Perl, SQL, Final Cut Pro, Finale, ProTools, Director/Shockwave, Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, MacOS, Windows, and Unix.
Honors and Achievements
Top 100 Producer of 1997, AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine, 1997.
Finalist, New Media INVISION awards, New Media Magazine, 1997.
Palm Beach Community College, AA Liberal Arts, Jazz Improvisation and composition, 1996.
Academic Excellence Award for Music, Palm Beach Community College, 1995.